How do you pick the right college? ... It’s important question you have to ask yourself if you want to have your whole life and career planned out

There are so many to choose from: good ones, bad ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, ones close to home, or ones far away. In this day and age it’s almost impossible to narrow them all down to the perfect colleges as we have to leave or family, country and everything to come to India to archive my dream to become an become an engineer . But I found all what I am searching for in vishwakarma institute of technology (VIT)

At the beginning I took some advices form some friends and most of them pointed to VIT and at the end I told myself this is it!! VIT is the first step to achieves your dream ... we have faced a lot of obstacles and difficulties but with every obstacle I gain new friend added to my list ... this friend can be faculty member or college mate

One of the good things about VIT is that they speaks in English all the time during lectures and while we do the formalities with student section or examination section and the faculty members are friendly, easy to communicate and they will provide you with the perfect guidance and they always will try even to change the rules and regulation if possible for the foreigners to make them feel like they are at home

I am always advising the new student to choose VIT as its one of the best institutes all over India to deal with foreigners

Ahmed Fahmi Esmail The representative of foreign student

“VIT one of the best colleges in India it contains features that are found in prestigious international universities. Like highly qualification and professional faculty , strong industry interaction, state of art infrastructure, highly rated placement and advanced education and labs”

Baraa Jamal Jasim Production Engineering - Iraq

As an international student I can say that VIT is the best engineering college to be at! The staff and Professors are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. The college has great modern facilities which promote great learning environment and flexible schedules that suit to meet the needs of an international student like me. The well designed curriculum encourages practical learning through projects, group assignments, presentation and opportunity to do an internship in an industry for whole semester not only prepare students technically but also set up well for the job. What I also love in the institution is the fact that I was able to meet different people with different cultural backgrounds and also to learn a lot new things.

Besides, VIT itself is a burgeoning institute. There are always new facilities being built on institute. The students of VIT are very intelligent, hard-working, friendly and active. I have made many friends not only with students within our department, but also students who have different program and course. At first, I thought international students would be left out from activities on the campus, but actually I have joined student clubs and made friends with many seniors and juniors as well. VIT has been a “Home away from Home”, for me and the undergraduate year was an absolutely a memorable period of my life.”

Bipin Sharma Nepal

“For me VIT has played a big part of my life during my study in Pune. It has given me the opportunity to learn new skills, discover my potentials, and interact with students coming from various parts of the world. VIT with its high qualified faculty members and well equipped laboratories allowed me to learn in deep technical aspect of E&TC. During every academic year we get the occasion to promote our culture during a special day allocated to traditional dress; parallel we foreigners in VIT are encouraged to participate in MELANGE in order to get more interaction and complete with our fellow Indian classmates.”

Senussi Abdelhamid Electronics & Communication - Chad

“Im so glad to study here because VIT is a good college. And I make me to meet a lot of friends. I have a good experience in study and culture also. Everyone is ready to help me when I get a problem. I feel good and thankful.”

Sasipa Sirimongkol Chemical Branch - Thailand

Despite some challenges my journey in VIT is being really exciting!
Vishwakarma is a good university with Globally recognized degree & Quality Institutions,Wide variety of courses and degrees with a providence of Multicultural & Safe Environment so that even being in a foreigner country you actually can feel home & the most important with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence.

Valentina Angola