All international students shall abide by all the rules of the Institution and the code of conduct as applicable to Indian students doing same courses. In case of Default, strict disciplinary action amounting to rustication from the hostel /Institute will be taken.

Hostel Discipline

  • Daily reporting in the hostel for boys from Monday to Saturday including Sunday is 10.30 pm & for girls from Monday to Saturday including Sunday is 9 pm.
  • Hostel admission will be purely on first come first served basis.
  • No change of room is permitted without the written permission of Resident Guardian.
  • Girls & Boys stay in different hostels. Boys will not be allowed to enter the girl’s hostel and vice versa.
  • Guest and visitors of the student’s are not permitted to enter the hostel rooms or stay in the rooms of the students Cooking in the rooms will not be permitted. Action will be taken on student’s who cook in the hostel room and are found to possess cooking equipment and vessels
  • Student’s who wish to cook can use the common kitchen provided. Contact the hostel authorizes for more details
  • In case the Foreign student’s wish to travel on weekends they must fill a form and obtain prior Permission from the IR office and hostel authorities and give details of their travel, hotel accommodation details and contact numbers in case of any emergency.
  • Student creating indiscipline / Mischief / Fight /misbehavior and ragging may ask to leave the hostel premises at that very moment.
  • Smoking, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and chewing of tobacco inside the hostel is strictly forbidden.
  • Designated team of faculty members of Vishwakarma Group will be visiting hostel frequently to have surprise check of student’s residential rooms
  • In case of any damages, cost of damages made to the hostel property (including furniture) shall be recovered from the student’s
  • Safety precautions – Heating appliances such as Electric Stove, Heaters, Gas Stove, Hot Plates, Iron etc. are not permitted to be used in the room.
  • Any student using such appliances will be fined Rs. 500 and the appliances will be confiscated.
  • Students of the hostel are to vacate the hostel within two or three days when final exams are over. No further stay is permitted.
  • International Student’s if wish to stay in the hostel during their vacation, prior approval has to be obtained by the Head of the Institute & Director International Student Cell, Vishwakarma Group.
  • Rude or ill mannered or disrespectful behavior in the hostel, mess or in dealing with any staff member will be viewed seriously and severe action will be taken.

Classroom Behavior

  • Foreign students are advised to dress in a way that does not attract attention. Full length trousers and loose fitting tops or T- shirts with sleeves are to be worn while on the Institute Campus
  • Please avoid eating or drinking water, cool drinks or chewing gums in class
  • Please do not use I-pods, tablets, I-Pad, MP3 players or mobile phones in classroom. If found it will be confiscated
  • Computers classroom chairs and other furniture are to be handled with care
  • Students should be on time for class
  • As per the Savitibai Phule Pune University every candidate should have a minimum of 75 % attendance to be eligible to write the internal and University examinations. Candidates who do not have the necessary attendance are not eligible to write the above mentioned examinations.
  • Students are not allowed to bring cell phones, programmable calculators, and written material into the examination hall. Violation of this rule is considered as malpractice. If a student indulges in copying or any malpractice zero marks will be awarded in all papers